Robbins Motel

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Gambaran keseluruhan Robbins Motel

Robbins Motel

Hartanah 2.5 bintang
Motel tanpa kemudahan tambahan di Bar Harbor

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Sorotan hartanah

  • Parkir percuma
  • Wi-Fi percuma
  • Larangan merokok
  • Penyaman udara
  • Tab mandi
396 ME-3, Bar Harbor, ME, 04609
Kemudahan utama
  • Pengemasan harian
  • Perkhidmatan bilik
  • Penyaman udara
  • Meja/kaunter hadapan waktu terhad
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  • Dibersihkan menggunakan bahan nyahjangkit
  • Perjarakan sosial

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Tempat berdekatan

  • Menonton Ikan Paus Bar Harbor - 9 min memandu
  • Taman Negara Acadia - 10 min memandu
  • Gunung Cadillac - 21 min memandu


  • Bar Harbor, ME (BHB-Hancock County - Bar Harbor) - 12 min memandu

Tentang hartanah ini

Robbins Motel

Di Robbins Motel, anda akan berada dalam lingkungan 10 minit memandu dari Taman Negara Acadia. Tetamu akan mendapat faedah percuma termasuk Wi-fi dan letak kenderaan sendiri. Pengembara lain memuji tentang kakitangan yang suka membantu.


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Penjarakan sosial

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Sekilas pandang

Saiz hotel

  • 10 bilik


  • Daftar masuk dari 15:00 - 09:00
  • Daftar masuk awal tertakluk kepada ketersediaan
  • Daftar masuk lewat tertakluk kepada ketersediaan
  • Umur minimum daftar masuk - 18 tahun
  • Masa daftar keluar adalah 10:00

Sekatan berkaitan dengan perjalanan anda

  • Semak sekatan COVID-19.

Arahan daftar masuk khas

  • Meja sambut tetamu dibuka setiap hari dari 08:30 - 21:00
  • Tetamu mesti menghubungi hartanah lebih awal untuk mendapatkan arahan daftar masuk; kakitangan meja sambut tetamu akan menyambut tetamu ketika ketibaan
  • Untuk membuat pengaturan daftar masuk sila hubungi hartanah lebih awal menggunakan maklumat pada pengesahan tempahan
  • Jika anda merancang untuk tiba selepas 21:00, sila hubungi hartanah lebih awal menggunakan maklumat pada pengesahan tempahan

Diperlukan semasa mendaftar masuk

  • Kad kredit, kad debit atau deposit tunai diperlukan untuk caj sampingan
  • ID foto dikeluarkan kerajaan diperlukan
  • Umur daftar masuk minimum ialah 18

Haiwan kesayangan

  • Haiwan kesayangan tidak dibenarkan


  • Wi-fi percuma di tempat awam
  • Wi-fi percuma dalam bilik

Tempat letak kereta

  • Letak kenderaan sendiri percuma di tapak hartanah

Maklumat lain

  • Hartanah bebas asap rokok

Kemudahan hartanah

Makanan dan minuman

  • Perkhidmatan bilik (waktu terhad)


  • Meja/kaunter hadapan (waktu terhad)


  • Bahasa Inggeris

Kemudahan bilik

Keselesaan di rumah

  • Penyaman udara

Segarkan diri

  • Tab mandi atau pancuran

Kekal terhubung

  • Wi-fi percuma


  • Pengemasan harian

Fi & dasar

Deposit boleh dibayar balik

  • Deposit: USD30.0 semalam


Hartanah ini memaklumkan bahawa langkah-langkah pembersihan yang dipertingkatkan dan keselamatan tetamu sedang dijalankan.

Disinfektan digunakan untuk membersihkan hartanah.

Langkah-langkah penjarakan sosial dijalankan.


Hartanah ini menerima kad kredit, kad debit dan wang tunai.

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Robbins Motel Motel
Robbins Motel Bar Harbor
Robbins Motel Motel Bar Harbor

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Mesra alam

8/10 Sangat Baik

Mark, perjalanan 1 malam
Ulasan tetamu yang disahkan

10/10 Luar Biasa

Perfect place for a brief stay.
This hotel is a short distance from the town of Bar Harbor and from the gate of Acadia National Park and it is VERY reasonably priced. The hotel is easy to get to and the staff is quite responsive (to people like me who lock themselves out of their rooms). Yes, you occasionally hear people in the next room; yes, you may have to run the water a bit until it gets hot. But all things considered, this is a great place to stay; I would gladly spend my next vacation in the area here again.
William, perjalanan 4 malam
Ulasan tetamu yang disahkan

2/10 Lemah

Cruppy motel
Its a 50$ hotel tiny rooms the bathroom was so small that we had to keep the bag with toothbrush, brash colon outside just not enough space inside The air conditioning was weak the hole rooms are falling apart
Elad, perjalanan 2 malam bersama keluarga
Ulasan tetamu yang disahkan

8/10 Sangat Baik

Perfect for the Basics. Well Done.
Clean convenient. Just the basics: clean room, hot water, comfortable bed, hot showers. It’s basic and a good value. Great location on the island very close to Hulls Cove, Acadia National Park, and Bar Harbor. It’s our go-to place to enjoy the area without spending a lot.
Timothy, perjalanan 4 malam
Ulasan tetamu yang disahkan

2/10 Lemah

What a dump! This place looks like it was pieced together from old trailers in the 1970s and hasnt been touched since. The smoke detector had no batteries and the cover was permanently off, the sinkin the bathroom was so crooked anything I placed on it slid right off, the toilet needed lots of time to refill in between flushes, the door to the bathroom needed two people to reopen because it kept getting stuck rendering it useless and the tub was set so high off the floor I needed a step stool to get in and out. There is no fridge or microwave and the TV is set to the side of the bed making it very uncomfortable for two people to watch TV. There was no one ever in the office. When we arrived our key was taped to the door of the front office in an envelope. That was a little unnerving. Best part we paid $120 per night for this dump on and they were proudly advertising vacancies at 79.99 per night. Trashiest place Ive ever seen.
Gabriela, perjalanan 4 malam
Ulasan tetamu yang disahkan

6/10 Baik

Perjalanan 1 malam
Ulasan tetamu yang disahkan

10/10 Luar Biasa

After staying at an awful motel near this one, we fell in love with it. Beautiful view, beautiful room. We booked another night after our stay.
Luca, perjalanan 2 malam
Ulasan tetamu yang disahkan

10/10 Luar Biasa

Have stayed here several times. That fact probably tells more than anything else I could say!
Philip, perjalanan 1 malam
Ulasan tetamu yang disahkan

2/10 Lemah

Absolutely revolting
The worst experience of my life. I don’t know how allows this garbage dump to be booked on their site. The photos you see are NOT what the rooms look like. There is no door on the bathroom, no shower head, the A/C is in a hole in the wall. The front door could be kicked in by a toddler. The rooms stink and you can literally see the outdoors through cracks in the wall. The roof looks like it’s about to collapse and it’s literally 60s trailers that have been gutted and connected. There are sketchy people hanging out in the parking lot and weird “rules”. Half the lights don’t work in the room, there’s no fridge, and the hot/cold water faucets are switched and don’t shut off properly. I don’t know how someone can rent these rooms out, the place should be condemned. And don’t think you’re getting a refund. I literally spent 5 minutes in that disgusting room and informed the owner that the pictures were not of the same hotel and we didn’t feel safe staying there. No refund was issued and they rented out our room to someone else while we still had the room key. The locks on the doors look like they all have the same key so that’s safe. We had to wait 20 minutes to even get the key. There is garbage all over the property and I’d love to know when the last time the sheets and bed spread has been washed. Disgusting, so not stay here.
Samantha, perjalanan 2 malam bersama rakan
Ulasan tetamu yang disahkan

10/10 Luar Biasa

I don’t understand the bad reviews! I loved this place!!! AMAZING location only a 20 minute drive to downtown Bar Harbor. Acadia National Park entrance is right down the road. I even forgot something in my room and came back for it and the housekeeper was very honest and gave it right to me. My only complaint was that they left the window open and I didn’t arrive until late at night so our room was freezing cold. I still loved this place either way and would love to return one day.
Sommer, perjalanan romantik 1 malam
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