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Quality Inn - Houston

2.5 bintang
828 Mercury DrHoustonTX77013Amerika Syarikat, ‏‎1 800 814648 (Bebas tol)
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2.9 / 5
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Quality Inn - Houston

Maklumat Hotel: 1 800 814648 (Bebas tol)

dari RM272
  • Deluxe Double Room, 2 Katil Kelamin, Smoking
  • Double Room, 2 Katil Kelamin, Smoking
  • Standard Room, 1 Katil Raja dengan Katil Sofa
  • Deluxe Room, 1 Katil Raja, Smoking
  • Deluxe Double Room, 2 Katil Kelamin, Non Smoking
  • Double Room, 2 Katil Kelamin
  • Suite, 1 Katil Raja
  • Deluxe Room, 1 Katil Raja, Non Smoking
  • Standard Room, 1 Katil Raja dengan Katil Sofa

Sekilas pandang

Fakta penting

Saiz hotel

  • Hotel ini mempunyai 88 bilik
  • Hotel in mempunyai lebih 6 tingkat


  • Masa daftar masuk bermula pada 15:00
  • Masa daftar keluar ialah 12:00 tengah hari
Tetamu yang tiba selepas 11 malam perlu membunyikan loceng untuk masuk.

Diperlukan semasa daftar masuk

  • Kad kredit atau deposit tunai diperlukan

  • ID foto dikeluarkan kerajaan diperlukan

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  • Kanak-kanak (berumur 18 tahun ke bawah) boleh menginap dengan percuma apabila berkongsi bilik dengan ibubapa atau penjaga, menggunakan peralatan tempat tidur yang sedia ada

  • Tiada katil bayi (katil budak)

Haiwan kesayangan

  • Haiwan kesayangan tidak dibenarkan


  • WiFi percuma di tempat awam

  • WiFi percuma di dalam bilik


Tempat letak kenderaan

  • Letak kenderaan sendiri percuma

Dalam hotel

Makanan dan minuman
  • Sarapan percuma
  • Restoran
  • Bar/ruang istirahat
  • Sajian kopi/teh di ruang bersama
Waktu bersantai
  • Kolam renang terbuka bermusim
  • Kolam renang terbuka
  • Kemudahan kecergasan
Teruskan bekerja
  • Business center
  • Kemudahan dobi
  • Surat khabar percuma di lobi
  • Kakitangan berbilang bahasa
  • Lif

Dalam bilik

Keselesaan rumah
  • Kawalan suhu dalam bilik (penyaman udara)
  • Penyaman udara
  • Pembuat kopi/teh
  • Seterika/papan seterika
Segarkan diri
  • Kelengkapan dandanan diri percuma
  • Pengering rambut
Hiburkan diri
  • Televisyen skrin rata
  • Saluran TV kabel
Kekal berhubungan
  • Meja
  • Wi-fi percuma
  • Panggilan tempatan percuma
Makanan dan minuman
  • Peti sejuk
  • Ketuhar gelombang mikro
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  • Pengemasan harian

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2.9 /5 from 70 reviews

Quality Inn - Houston
Lemah1.0 / 5
Very mediocre
The pictures online were very misleading. The room was only good enough for sleeping and showering (necessities.) The complaints we really had were with the room atmosphere (well, the whole hotel atmosphere.) When we walked in the room we noticed immediately the paint was either missing or patchy in different colors. There were left over beer bottles from whoever was staying before (fridge not cleaned...?), the TV remote didn't work so we had to call for a new one, and a ouija board was drawn in the hotel booklet!!! Lol There were a lot of cosmetic issues throughout the hotel too (paint chipping, room numbers drawn on doors, and sharpie messages in elevators..) also the air conditioner was either freezing or hot. Overall, we slept fine. But it just felt dirty. If you would just paint over everything to match the nice furniture it would be fine! Easy fixes.
Perjalanan romantik 1 malam
Quality Inn - Houston
Baik3.0 / 5
Old grumpy clerk
Hotel clerk was an older man and was just having a terrible day. Unfortunately he felt the need to to take out on me. The reservation could not come through from and he wasn't familiar with how to check me in given the circumstances after patiently waiting for over an hour and thirty minutes. I asked him to check me in he could deal with the oerations later. It was late and I needed to get to bed. He responded by saying " well I hope you learned your lesson and not use anymore" out of respect I kept my mouth shut and turned away. Terrible experience.
Perjalanan 1 malam
Quality Inn - Houston
Sederhana2.0 / 5
Room was musty, bed had bed bugs, very uncomfortable sleep nights
Perjalanan keluarga 3 malam
Quality Inn - Houston
Lemah1.0 / 5
Do not stay at this hotel. The staff apparantly stays here too and has taken over the hotel.
Perjalanan keluarga 1 malam
Quality Inn - Houston
Sederhana2.0 / 5
Find another place to stay
First impression was bad when we saw couches thrown outside the front entrance. Went in and had to wake the front desk attendant who was asleep in the TV area. Nice enough fellow once he was awake. When entering elevator to go to our room, there was a strong cigarette smell. Looking down, there was a pile of cigarette ashes in the corner of the elevator. Getting into the room, several of the lamps did not work. This was not a big issue because it was late and we immediately went to bed. Either the bed was ok, or we were just too tired to notice after an exhausting trip. The next morning, we found that the hair dryer was not working, so we called to have it replaced. A maid came by later and said she was told to bring us a key card to the room next door... why they would send that up was completely baffling. We sent her back with the key card she brought to us because we managed to get the hairdryer to work by plugging it into another socket in the room. The shower curtain rod seemed like it was ready to come off of the brackets holding it to the wall, and the shower curtain itself had seen better days. Did not eat much of the breakfast except for a bagel and doughnut which were both dry and a bit stale. Was happy that we only had to spend one night there. Will definitely look for another place next time we have to stay in Houston. The price we paid, although not too pricey, was undeniably not worth the experience.
Perjalanan perniagaan 1 malam

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Quality Inn - Houston

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