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Hotel San Giorgio - Naples

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Via Alessandro Poerio 9NaplesNA80139Italy
Baik3.1 / 5
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Hotel San Giorgio - Naples

  • Double or Twin Room
  • Family Room
  • Double Room Single Use
  • Triple Room
  • Single Room
  • Double Room
  • Triple Room

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Baik 3.1 /5 from 127 reviews

Hotel San Giorgio - Naples
Sederhana2.0 / 5
Not great. The staff at the front desk were very friendly, but the hotel just felt broken. The decor seemed very tired and dull. In the bedroom, WiFi didn't work, air conditioning was ineffective, telephone was only there for show, fridge was hot, and the sink's plug didn't open. Also, no hot water. Surrounding neighbourhood seemed pretty run down too, which I know is not their fault
Perjalanan romantik 3 malam
Hotel San Giorgio - Naples
Baik3.0 / 5
Could be better
Decent hotel, but the bathroom was sub-par. It smelled, there was a pipe dripping continuously and I think they forgot the P-trap on the plumbing because did I mention the smell? The location depends what you are looking for, it's really close to the train station (5 minute walk) but the location is a bit sketchy walking around at night.
Perjalanan romantik 3 malam
Hotel San Giorgio - Naples
Cemerlang4.0 / 5
good value
this hotel is good value and a clean central place to lay your head in naples, it is very convenient for the train station, and close to historic st lorenzo district. it is not a five star place, so the fridge didnt work properly, simple but ample breakfast,sweet croissants, and cheese and ham with bread, coffee and juice but the hotel staff are friendly and nice, the bed is comfortable and in front of the hotel are two very good pizzeria, just small street cafes but the food is good. it is also not far from castel nuovo and the botanical garden. the area looks a bit knocked about compared to rome but is quite safe
Perjalanan romantik 3 malam
Hotel San Giorgio - Naples
Sederhana2.0 / 5
should be 2 star or less
I made this hotel my base hotel, from where i went to Pompeii, Amalfi Coast and finally Sicily. So i had three different rooms each time. The first room was tiny and dark. The TV had visual problems and the fridge did not close. The second room really was the best, bigger and had Sky TV so I could access to English News is good, but no fridge. The third room was facing the street where kids were playing loudly soccer most of the afternoon and could be heard clearly with the windows closed. Also it had no air condition. Luckily i was too tired to care. What, however, topped it all off was the BREAKFAST. The man in charge was a bit of a tyrrant. You had to sit where he said otherwise he would eagle-eye watch your eating. The breakfast was of very poor quality. There was a coffee machine that was probably based on instant coffee inside it. Terrible. There were rolls and croissants, jam, butter and every second day yogurt. No fruit,, which was a shame since the fruit in Naples is plentiful and so tasty. There never was any difference from day to day ...same drag. Really a 1 star breakfast, if that
Perjalanan 2 malam
Hotel San Giorgio - Naples
Cemerlang4.0 / 5
close to railway station
we had overnight stay coming back from visit to sorrento to see pompeii.the hotel had a fridge which we did,t have in our hotel in Sorrento and that was great to store food in .when we got off the train we decide to get a taxi but the taxi man pointed our hotel out to us and said we have only few mins walk and did,t need a taxi.the staff in hotel was helpfull and they had good security at door on the was in as the area was full of unemployed people walking around passing the time .
Perjalanan 2 malam bersama kawan-kawan

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Hotel San Giorgio - Naples

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