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3 bilik tidur, cadar kapas Mesir, meja, langsir/tirai gelap terus
3 bilik tidur, cadar kapas Mesir, meja, langsir/tirai gelap terus
TV, Netflix, perkhidmatan penstriman

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Rumah percutian pinggir bandar dengan dapur, berhampiran Universiti Villanova

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  • Parkir tersedia
  • Wi-Fi percuma
  • Dapur
  • Larangan merokok
  • Penyaman udara
  • Peti sejuk
Bryn Mawr, PA
Kemudahan utama
  • Penyaman udara
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  • 3 bilik tidur
  • Katil sofa
  • Dapur
  • Ruang tamu
  • Perkhidmatan TV kabel/satelit
  • Laman
Pembersihan & Keselamatan
  • Dibersihkan menggunakan bahan nyahjangkit
  • Cadar dan tuala dibasuh pada suhu 60°C

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Tempat berdekatan

  • Kolej Bryn Mawr - 14 min berjalan kaki
  • Kolej Haverford - 21 min berjalan kaki
  • Universiti Villanova - 34 min berjalan kaki
  • Pusat Seni Lukis Wayne - 8 min memandu
  • Universiti St. Joseph - 11 min memandu
  • Boathouse Row - 12 min memandu
  • Taman Fairmount - 25 min memandu
  • Please Touch Museum (Muzium Kanak-kanak) - 15 min memandu
  • Pusat Bandar King of Prussia - 14 min memandu
  • Universiti Pennsylvania - 32 min memandu
  • Kasino Valley Forge - 15 min memandu


  • Blue Bell, PA (BBX-Wings Field) - 19 min memandu
  • Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Philadelphia (PHL) - 33 min memandu
  • Philadelphia, PA (PNE-Northeast Philadelphia) - 47 min memandu
  • Stesen Bryn Mawr - 10 min berjalan kaki
  • Stesen Bryn Mawr Rosemont - 12 min berjalan kaki
  • Stesen Haverford - 29 min berjalan kaki
  • Stesen Bryn Mawr - 6 min berjalan kaki
  • Stesen Roberts Road - 8 min berjalan kaki
  • Stesen Haverford - 19 min berjalan kaki

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Welcome to Bryn Mawr, a Mainline suburb of Philadelphia. Relax with self check-in ✔ parking ✔ Netflix ✔ Prime ✔ 5G WiFi ✔ Office ✔ AC ✔ King beds ✔ balcony deck ✔ single home ✔ Enjoy strolling scenic colleges & parks. Walkable to hospital, trains & colleges, it's a 15-minute drive to huge King of Prussia mall & historic Valley Forge National Park. Hop on a 20-min train ride to the city of Philadelphia. Our home is near the heart of town with the quiet appeal of a yard in the suburbs. See more!

Catering for groups of up to 10 adults, our 4-floor private house has 3 king beds and 2 large sofa beds. The basement (other than the laundry room accessed from the backyard doors) is off limits to guests, but you can enjoy a long private driveway (hard to come by in the town) for up to four regular cars and a child-friendly gated front and backyard which occasionally hosts a bunny rabbit guest or two. Amazon, Netflix, YouTube and a host of other apps are available on our HD TVs with superfast 5G internet. Enjoy TVs both in the living room and in the bedrooms! Kitchen, mud room, dining room, washer and dryer, outdoor second floor balcony deck, walk-in wardrobe, loft office, mini-split AC units, 100% Egyptian cotton linens, large sofa beds in the living room, self check-in with keyless entry and redundancy plans so no need to worry about keys or checking in during the middle of the night. Tick!

Entire space is included in this rental. Please, make yourself at home.

You can access three floors of the house. The basement is locked, other than the laundry room accessed from the back yard basement shelter doors. You can access all of the exterior parts of the property. Both the front and back gardens are gated and the front lawn is maintained, with a patio. Enjoy the balcony on the second floor as well as the office on the third floor.

I only host while I am away - usually attending an academic conference or visiting my family in Ireland, where I'm from. When I am not traveling, I live in the attic.
You will be able to self check-in upon arrival. My property has keyless entry, so you can show up at any time after check in without having to obtain keys.

Renovated in Summer 2021, for those visiting Bryn Mawr Mainline Hospital, we are less than two blocks walk from the hospital entrance and car park and are along the same quiet street a few blocks away from the noisier main streets. Around the corner from us is the oldest house in Bryn Mawr (300 years) and the natural birth center. A basketball court and a playground with soft ground enclosed in cages and fences is less than 100 yards from us. A Ferrari dealership is only a few minutes walk past the playground. Wawa is open 24-hours a day and is only 5-minute walk around the nearby hospital. The supermarket, Acme, is only a two-minute drive from the house along Lancaster Avenue. Restaurants, coffee shops, takeaways, bars, shops, curiosity stores, luxury stores, dry cleaners, the center of town – all within a 2 to 5 minute walk through quiet pedestrian-friendly suburb streets to Lancaster Avenue. Being from Dublin, Ireland, I have to recommend the Grog as a good Irish restaurant / sports bar, only a few minutes walk from the house to Lancaster Avenue. For more refined dining and to really get the local, affluent Mainline feel, a stroll along Lancaster Avenue is a must. Small, old world shops abound. You can lose yourself in second hand luxury furniture stores, even on County Line Road too like The Thrift Store. The trains are a five-minute (NHSL light rail line) and half-mile (mainline’s Paoli-Thorndale SEPTA line) walk from the house. The surrounding properties are not approved for undergraduate student tenants, so our houses are quiet, but we are about 3/4 of a mile from Bryn Mawr College and a mile from both Haverford College and Villanova University.

Bryn Mawr Mainline train station is half a mile from the house, and there is also a second commuter trainline (Norristown High Speed Line) - its stop in Bryn Mawr is a 5 minute walk from the house. You will find multiple parks in almost every direction you walk, public areas for playing sports and playgrounds for children. A secret gem (my personal favorite) is Preston Park, which boasts soccer fields, a tennis court, basketball courts along with a calisthenics park. While I could recommend the local parks like Austin, Rosemont, and Stoneleigh, the scenery pales in comparison to the nearby universities like Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Rosemont and Villanova, which are within walking distance. Other universities are slightly further away such as Eastern and Cabrini (3 miles). You can easily walk within five minutes to local trains (SEPTA / Regional / NHSL) that bring you to Philadelphia (10 miles) in about 20 minutes. Many buses come through and you can hail an Uber in minutes as it's a well traveled college and commuter district. We are within two or three miles of the intersections of multiple major highways.

Please remember that you're staying in a house, not a hotel. Please treat the space with respect. If any problems arise, we will do our best to take action ASAP, but there is no one living on site when I am away traveling.
Welcome to Bryn Mawr!

Here's everything you may need to know about your visit. Please look over this prior to your arrival or if you have questions about your visit, most likely what you're looking for is in here:

ADDRESS: 911 Old Lancaster Road, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010. Please follow these directions, step-by-step, in order to get into the house and you shouldn't have a problem.

TRANSPORTATION / ARRIVING: From Philadelphia airport, you can drive, take a taxi ($65) or Uber ($25) in about 25 minutes.
You can also ask for a transfer to Bryn Mawr after boarding the train towards Philadelphia that comes every 30 minutes. Switch at 30th street station to Paoli-Thorndale line and Bryn Mawr is the 7th stop. Train will cost about $9 and take an hour.
Bus (108 and transfer to NHSL at 69th street station) will cost about $3.50 and take about 90 minutes.

PARKING: Cars should be parked to the LEFT of the PINK ribbons / grass / backyard's white fence in the hedge on the blacktop driveway to the right of the house with the front-yard white picket fence as spots on the street mostly have maximum time limits and our property boundary ends to the other side of the pink ribbons / grass / backyard's white fence in the hedge. If you have more than four regular cars or extra trailers / wide vehicles, there is metered parking on streets nearby. You can enter the front or back door using the electronic keypad - there is also an electronic lock on the backyard basement door that will lead you through one more door into the basement laundry room; however, you cannot access the main part of the house from this backyard entrance. Keep in mind that while we have space for cars, minivans, SUVs, and many pickups and RVs, wide (>9" / >10") vehicles and trailers may be an issue. Never fret! There is a safe, relatively cheap paid parking garage only one block away - "Old Lancaster Road Garage". While most rates in Bryn Mawr are about $0.50 per hour, this garage has rates (March 2020) of: 30 minutes=free, 30-60=$3, 1-2 hours=$5, 2-3 hours=$6, 3-4 hours=$7, 4-8 hours=$8, 8-12 hours=$10. Turn left coming out of our property's driveway onto Old Lancaster Road (the road our property is on) and pass through one stop sign until you see the parking lot on the right after the new buildings on the left just before the start of Bryn Mawr hospital (sometimes time-limited parking is available on the streets nearby). You will see that there are multiple floor garages straight across to the right. Follow the Parking signs. Alternatively, you can find cheap parking (about $0.50 an hour) for extra vehicles / extremely wide vehicles a 3-minute walk (0.2 miles) from the house by Bryn Mawr Station (smaller NHSL rather than SEPTA line). Simply turn left out of our house's driveway onto Old Lancaster Road towards Bryn Mawr hospital, take the first right onto Mondella Avenue, a left at the end of the avenue onto County Line Road that you continue down for a block and then take an almost 180 degree right turn by Bryn Mawr Thrift Shop. Feel free to step inside to take a look around if it's open and enjoy the unique antiques for sale at heavily discounted prices. If walking to and from, there is a short cut before you get to the Bryn Mawr Thrift Shop. It cuts off a little over one minute or two making it a three minute walk back home!

ENTRY & KEYS: On the front door you will see an electronic keypad. You will receive an email with your temporary pass code when your booking is first reserved. This will also work on the back door and the backyard basement door. You can unlock the doors by pressing the Yale key once to "wake up" the lock and then typing in your code and finally pressing the tick button, which should grant you access after a second or two. Please leave the doors locked by pressing Yale once. Please contact me through the Airbnb app if you cannot access the building after checking both the front and back door.

WIFI network: CURRANLODGING (or CURRANLODGING-5G for 5G); password: enj0yy0ur5tay. There is an office desk in the attic.

NO PARTIES: As of August 20, 2020, Airbnb announced a global ban on all parties and events at Airbnb listings, including a cap on occupancy at 16. This party ban applies to all future bookings on Airbnb, and it will remain in effect indefinitely, until further notice. Our property can only hold 10 max and we ask guests to be respectful of neighbors.

TOWELS, LINEN & SLEEPING: There is a King bed in each of the bedrooms as well as two pullout sleeper sofa queens in the living room that comfortably sleep an adult or two, for a total of ten adults, if needed.
There is also a crib in the laundry room (access through backyard basement door). The linens and pillows for the sleeper sofas are in the sectional sleeper sofa in the living room, though sometimes we put extras in the loft storage spaces such as in the loft bathroom. If you need any additional towels or linens, feel free to send me a message and I'll have more brought by for you.
Sleeping machines can be found on the nightstand in each bedroom along with directions for use on the wall. Our goal is to provide all our guests with the conditions for an excellent night's sleep by providing quality beds, mattresses, pillows, linens, blackout curtains, and white noise sleep machines that block out all sounds even including your other guests who may be snoring loudly!

NEIGHBORHOOD: At certain times of the year and of the day students, nurses, and others may walk past across the street nearby (Old Lancaster Road), which is a quieter side-street off County Line Road and off the main Lancaster Avenue. During the evening and at night, the area is very quiet, so we ask guests to please respect the our (mostly elderly) neighbors, especially at night, living in nearby homes as this is a sedate community though it is in close proximity to the hospital, colleges, and town just a few blocks away.

TV: This property has a HD antenna TV. There is also Netflix and Amazon provided along with Bloomberg, YouTube, and other apps on the smart TV in the living room. Simply press the corresponding button on the remote for unlimited streaming movies and TV shows. The three bedrooms each have a HD smart TV too. Remote controls can be found in the holders by the bed-sides.

TEMPERATURE (HVAC): Each floor is cooled by ductless mini-split air-conditioning systems, which also provide heat. Remotely controlled automatic climate control systems operate in the dining room in the first floor, in both of the two bedrooms on the second floor, as well as in the third floor bedroom and third floor study. To adjust these, you can either use the wall-mounted LCD screens or the Fujitsu remote controls, which are found on walls in each of these rooms. Please note that the locked-up Google Nest system on the dining room wall does not control the air conditioning system; the water is heated by an oil-heating system. If the temperature falls below a certain preset level, the system will heat up. If the temperature rises above a certain preset level, the system will cool down. Please note that the system cannot be used to have different temperatures in different rooms or floors in the house (e.g., cooling in one room but heating in another).

LIGHTS (IN AN EMERGENCY): Lights will be replaced by our team. In an emergency, please only replace lights with LED lights - not regular bulbs.

TRASH DISPOSAL: guests staying on Wednesday night / Thursday are kindly asked to please wheel the trash cans from the backyard out to to the edge of the sidewalk on Wednesday night and return them by wheeling them back into up to the backyard after they have been collected on Thursday. EXCEPTIONS: trash will be collected on WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 25th and WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 23rd, 2021.

SMALL SPILLS: While we provide a clean house for you to enjoy at the start of your trip, if you want to clean up a small spill that may have been made in the middle of your stay, there is a closet in the mud-room with some very basic supplies like vacuum, brush, mop, etc.

COOKING UTENSILS AND KITCHENWARE: We provide what many guests in our other properties have told us were fully stocked kitchens in terms of cooking utensils. Please let us know if we may have missed something!

SHOES: We thank you kindly for removing your shoes inside the main house to help us protect this old house (1917) with original hardwood floors that were recently entirely refurbished (2021). When you enter the back or front door, there is a shoe rack and a seat for your convenience.

SUMMER GUESTS: Patio furniture should remain on the patio(s) where it is found and we ask guests to please return any furniture they may have moved to the area that they found it in originally. Please be courteous of the neighbors and aware of the sedate community when enjoying the outdoor areas.


• BRYN MAWR HOSPITAL: one block walk along Old Lancaster Road coming out of our driveway to the left (away from the busier County Line Road).
• TRAIN STATIONS: 0.3 mile to Bryn Mawr stop on Norristown High Speed Line, 0.5 mile to Bryn Mawr and Rosemont stops on the Main Line / Paoli-Thorndale line.
• BRYN MAWR COLLEGE: 0.5 mile.
• FOOD AND DRINK: 4 minute walk to the heart of affluent Bryn Mawr with its bustling restaurants, bars, coffee shops and quaint shops. Alternatively, Wawa is a 4 minute walk up County Line Road footpath keeping traffic on your right or 711, Bagel Factory and Yangming restaurant are a 2 minute walk along County Line Road footpath keeping the traffic to your left and McDonald's is 0.5 mile in the same direction.
• PLAYGROUND: (less than 1 minute walk) turn right out of our house past the two remaining homes on our block and you will see a soft playground enclosed in cages on the next right along with a caged basketball court next to it.
• PARKS: I *highly* recommend Preston Park (0.4 miles) where there are tennis, baseball, soccer, basketball, calisthenics and other open activities in a quiet surround. National: Valley Forge National Park (8 miles) – tour the turning point of the American Revolution, see George Washington's house, the visitor center, the memorial chapel, and more! Local: other than being surrounded by colleges (Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Villanova, Rosemont, Eastern, Cabrini...) many leafy parks, playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts are within 5 to 15 minute walk (Ashbridge, Austin, Emlen Tunnell, Preston).
• MALLS: visit one of the largest malls in the US, King of Prussia (7 miles).
• PHILADELPHIA CITY: 10 miles direct on train (20 minutes) or driving – Fairmount Park and Zoo, Art Museum, Independence Visitor Center, University of Pennsylvania, Penn's Landing, Schuylkill River trail. Looking for ideas? Try the Big Bus tour starting near the Independence Visitor Center!
• FERRARI (Algar) dealership is also just a few minutes walk from the house down County Line Road or Lancaster Avenue.

GUIDEBOOK: https://hostful.ly/gtlrfvp

DEPARTURE: Please note that check out time on your departure day is 11AM.

Before you arrive in town, we need to ensure our previous guests have checked out, that the maid service and maintenance has been through the unit, and that linens and towels are fresh and ready for your visit. All this takes time and needs to be done before you check in. Due to this tight time frame, we don't allow early check ins. We apologize for any inconvenience.

PLEASE NOTE: CHECK IN TIME IS ANYTIME AFTER 3PM. The code you've been provided will only work starting at that time. Please make your travel plans accordingly.

Also, if you need anything at all before or during your stay, just send me a message here on Airbnb and I'll be available to help!

We look forward to welcoming you to our charming town. Thanks, and enjoy your stay in Bryn Mawr!

Best wishes,


Amalan pembersihan dan keselamatan

Langkah pembersihan ditingkatkan

Disinfektan digunakan untuk membersihkan hartanah
Permukaan yang kerap disentuh dibersihkan dan dinyahjangkit
Cadar katil dan tuala dibersihkan pada suhu sekurang-kurangnya 60°C/140°F dibasuh pada suhu 60°C/140°F atau lebih panas
Mematuhi amalan pembersihan dan penyahjangkitan Garis Panduan COVID-19 (CDC)
Maklumat ini diberikan oleh rakan kongsi kami.

Sekilas pandang


  • Daftar masuk bermula jam 15:00
  • Umur minimum daftar masuk - 21 tahun
  • Masa daftar keluar adalah 11:00

Sekatan berkaitan dengan perjalanan anda

  • Semak sekatan COVID-19.

Arahan daftar masuk khas

  • Anda akan menerima e-mel daripada hos berserta arahan daftar masuk dan daftar keluar

Diperlukan semasa mendaftar masuk

  • ID foto dikeluarkan kerajaan diperlukan
  • Umur minimum tetamu ialah 13
  • Umur daftar masuk minimum ialah 21

Haiwan kesayangan

  • Haiwan kesayangan tidak dibenarkan

Kemudahan hartanah


  • Wi-fi percuma

Tempat letak kenderaan dan pengangkutan

  • Pilihan tempat letak kenderaan di tapak hartanah termasuk garaj

Mesra keluarga

  • Katil bayi mudah alih


  • Peti Sejuk
  • Dapur
  • Ketuhar gelombang mikro
  • Ketuhar
  • Mesin basuh pinggan mangkuk
  • Pembancuh kopi/teh
  • Alat memasak/pinggan-mangkuk/perkakas dapur

Tempat makan

  • Meja makan

Bilik tidur

  • 3 bilik tidur
  • Cadar kapas Mesir
  • Cadar katil disediakan
  • Katil sofa

Bilik mandi

  • 2 bilik mandi
  • Pengering rambut
  • Tuala disediakan

Ruang tamu

  • Ruang tamu/duduk


  • TV dengan perkhidmatan kabel/satelit
  • Netflix
  • Perkhidmatan penstriman

Kawasan luar

  • Balkoni/laman dalam berperabot
  • Laman
  • Perabot luar


  • Mesin basuh dan mesin pengering

Ruang bekerja

  • Meja
  • Kerusi meja


  • Penyaman Udara
  • Sistem pemanasan

Haiwan kesayangan

  • Haiwan kesayangan tidak dibenarkan


  • Hartanah bebas asap rokok

Perkhidmatan dan kemudahan

  • Seterika/papan seterika
  • Langsir/tirai gelap terus

Sorotan lokasi

  • Di pinggir bandar

Ciri-ciri keselamatan

  • Pengesan karbon monoksida
  • Pemadam api
  • Alat pertolongan cemas
  • Pengesan asap


  • Memuatkan 10
  • Saiz unit: 2992 kaki persegi (278 meter persegi)

Fi & dasar


Hartanah ini memaklumkan bahawa langkah-langkah pembersihan yang dipertingkatkan sedang dijalankan.

Disinfektan digunakan untuk membersihkan hartanah; permukaan kerap disentuh dibersihkan dengan disinfektan antara setiap penginapan; cadar katil dan tuala dibersihkan pada suhu sekurang-kurangnya 60°C/140°F.

Hartanah menegaskan bahawa ia patuh kepada amalan pembersihan dan penyahjangkitan Garis Panduan COVID-19 (CDC).


Hartanah ini diuruskan oleh hos profesional; peruntukan perumahan dikaitkan dengan dagangan, perniagaan atau profesion mereka

Pesta atau acara berkumpulan di tapak hartanah adalah dilarang sama sekali.

Tetamu tidak perlu bimbang kerana terdapatnya pengesan karbon monoksida, pemadam api, pengesan asap dan alat pertolongan cemas di tapak hartanah.

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