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Semua hartanah di Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia
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Selina Cartagena

3 bintang3 bintang
Calle Larga No. 8B- 148, Getsemani, Cartagena Walled City, Cartagena, 130001, Colombia

Hostel 3 bintang dengan kolam renang terbuka, berhampiran Pusat Konvensyen Cartagena de Indias
  • WiFi percuma
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  • We were under no illusions that this would be a fancy hotel. We had booked a suite, but…31 Dis 2019
  • Stayed for one night in a private room with private bathroom. Room was pretty,…21 Dis 2019

Selina Cartagena

dari RM276
  • Standard Room
  • Deluxe Double Room
  • Suite
  • Standard Quadruple Room
  • Standard Twin Room

Sekitar lokasi Selina Cartagena

Tanda tempat

  • Di Kota Dinding Cartagena
  • Pusat Konvensyen Cartagena de Indias (2 minit berjalan kaki)
  • Menara Jam (6 minit berjalan kaki)
  • Pantai Bocagrande (19 minit berjalan kaki)
  • Pelabuhan Cartagena (40 minit berjalan kaki)
  • Teater Colon (2 minit berjalan kaki)
  • Dataran Trinidad (4 minit berjalan kaki)
  • Gereja Santisima Trinidad (5 minit berjalan kaki)

Kemudahan pengangkutan

  • Cartagena (CTG-Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Rafael Nunez) - 8 min memandu

Sekilas pandang

Fakta penting


  • 47 bilik

Daftar masuk dan daftar keluar

  • Masa daftar masuk bermula pada 15:00
  • Masa daftar keluar ialah 11:00

Diperlukan semasa daftar masuk

  • Kad kredit, kad debit atau deposit tunai diperlukan untuk caj sampingan

  • ID foto dikeluarkan kerajaan diperlukan

  • Umur daftar masuk minimum ialah 18

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  • Kanak-kanak boleh menginap dengan percuma apabila berkongsi bilik dengan ibu bapa atau penjaga, menggunakan peralatan tempat tidur yang sedia ada

  • Ibu bapa dikehendaki membawa sijil lahir anak dan ID foto *

  • Tiada katil bayi (katil budak)

Haiwan kesayangan

  • Haiwan kesayangan dibenarkan *

  • Sekatan dikenakan *


  • WiFi percuma di tempat awam

  • WiFi percuma di dalam bilik

Jenis bayaran di hartanah

  • Tunai

Maklumat lain

  • Hartanah bebas asap rokok
* Sila lihat cetakan kecil untuk butiran lanjut atau caj tambahan

Di hostel

Makanan dan minuman
  • Restoran
  • Bar/ruang istirahat
Waktu bersantai
  • Kolam renang terbuka
  • Kelas yoga di tapak hartanah
Teruskan bekerja
  • Business center
  • Bilik mesyuarat
  • Meja/kaunter hadapan 24-jam
  • Bantuan tiket/pelancongan
  • Perkhidmatan dobi/cucian kering
  • Kemudahan dobi
  • Tempat simpanan bagasi
  • Terrace
  • Perpustakaan
  • Tempat letak kenderaan mudah kerusi roda
Bahasa Pertuturan
  • Inggeris
  • Sepanyol

Dalam bilik

Keselesaan rumah
  • Penyaman udara
  • Kipas siling
Segarkan diri
  • Hulu semburan mandi hujan
  • Pancuran mandi sahaja
Kekal berhubungan
  • Wi-fi percuma
  • Pengemasan harian

Cetakan kecil Selina Cartagena

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Jika anda mengembara dengan seorang kanak-kanak, hartanah penginapan anda mungkin menghendaki anda untuk mengemukakan dokumen-dokumen berikut: Ibu bapa yang mengembara ke Colombia dengan kanak-kanak di bawah umur 18 tahun mungkin perlu mengemukakan sijil kelahiran kanak-kanak tersebut dan pengenalan (ID) bergambar (pasport untuk pelawat asing) semasa daftar masuk. Jika seorang saudara atau penjaga sah sedang mengembara ke Colombia dengan kanak-kanak tersebut, saudara atau penjaga sah berkenaan mungkin perlu mengemukakan kebenaran perjalanan yang ditandatangani oleh kedua ibu bapa dan diperakui oleh notari serta sesalinan pengenalan (ID) kedua ibu bapa. Jika hanya ibu atau bapa yang mengembara ke Colombia dengan kanak-kanak tersebut, ibu atau bapa berkenaan mungkin perlu mengemukakan kebenaran perjalanan yang ditandatangani oleh ibu atau bapa yang tidak ikut bersama dan diperakui oleh notari. Pelawat yang merancang untuk mengembara dengan kanak-kanak harus berunding dengan pejabat konsulat Colombia sebelum mengembara untuk mendapat panduan selanjutnya.

Bilik mesra haiwan kesayangan boleh diminta dengan menghubungi hartanah di nombor yang terdapat pada pengesahan tempahan.

Hartanah ini tidak mempunyai lif.

Yuran mandatori

Anda akan perlu membayar caj berikut semasa mendaftar masuk atau mendaftar keluar:

  • Cukai jualan nasional (19%) dikenakan semasa daftar keluar kepada warganegara Colombia, tidak kira tempoh penginapan mereka dan kepada warga asing yang menginap selama 60 hari berturut-turut atau lebih. Warga asing dengan visa pelancong dikecualikan daripada cukai ini. Selain itu, cukai tersebut dikenakan untuk setiap bilik apabila bilik tersebut dikongsi oleh tetamu yang boleh dan tidak boleh dikenakan cukai.

Kemudahan tambahan pilihan

Haiwan kesayangan dibenarkan dengan caj tambahan sebanyak COP 34000.00 setiap haiwan kesayangan, semalam

Kami telah menyertakan segala caj yang diberikan kepada kami oleh hartanah ini. Walau bagaimanapun, caj boleh berbeza-beza, misalnya, berdasarkan tempoh penginapan atau jenis unit yang anda tempah.

Ulasan terkini

Baik 7.6 Daripada 105 ulasan

Baik 6.0
Make no mistake it’s a hostel, even the individual rooms are noisy and not sound proof.
caPerjalanan 1 malam
Lemah 2.0
Very disappointed
Very disappointing. Most of the staff are rude. I asked for a blanket but one of the guys in reception said oh we gove only to private room. I was so surprised then when i said then do u expect me to freeze just coz i am in 7 beds dorm and got mad then he said ok iwill give u the blanket. I got sick coz of their strong freezing AC and yet that was their reaction. I kept booking eveytime extra night to recover but everytime a lot of shot hapening like their nusic is so loud and annoying that goes daily bery late so no sleeping at all and i booked extra day so i rest during the day but still they came rudely waking me up the moment i went to nwd and movwd mw to another room. They care only about making money from u . We wanted to gi fr day trip befor hwading to santa marta and then they said we habe to pay 15 per bag if we wanna keep or bags. So rediculous .for my friend theybsaid after 12 u pay and for mw after 3 and anotehr fork after 6 so at least make one version. The worst ever. U have to always wait for s looong time to get somgyh u wated my time money energy and tuined my holiday plam ssinwc i was agaying more here just coz got sick coz of you not caring . I had to ask many times juts to habe the ac lowered a bit . I have more 7 reviews to write for you . Get ready ....
MARIEM, usPerjalanan 1 malam
Lemah 2.0
Only as a last resort
Had a private room for 3 nights. Staff was really unhelpful every step of the way...your presence at the desk and any questions are ignored. Absurd levels of music on some nights, felt like I was sleeping in a club (even tho they describe the hostel as “chill”). Music blasted till 2am. Salsa class canceled last minute. Pools on both roofs alternated between cloudy/green and blue, and had plastic and garbage in them. Bathrooms near pool and on ground level floor were filthy, like a public bathroom in Paris. Common areas and elevators had disgusting smell. Overall, a bad experience.
caPerjalanan romantik 3 malam
Lemah 2.0
Selina treat their higher end guests badly
They were doing work on the building the week I was there - they closed two of the three bars and limited service everywhere. I choose this hotel because of easy access to coworking - it was difficult to get in (often I had to climb over building works), unpleasant in there (most people working in the coworking had to wear dust masks), and expensive. I can understand if this was simply one difficult week, but the thing that really annoyed me most intensely was that apart from the lovely manager of the coworking place, NOBODY apologised for the inconvenience. Not when food wasn't available, not when there was filth and dust everywhere, not when there weren't enough tables in the one remaining open bar, not when everything they told me from when my laundry would be due to where food was available was wrong. And they outright told me I was wrong when I told them I couldn't connect to wifi in my room. The one nice thing they did was upgrade me to a suite - and it was that suites very size and thick walls that prevented me from getting wifi other than in one tiny corner next to the door. The service (apart from in coworking was dreadful). I was paying for a nice room and I was treated with less respect than a $15 a day hostel guest. I like Selina's mission - and have visited their hotels in three countries - but this stay has put me off the whole chain. Avoid
usPerjalanan perniagaan 8 malam
Lemah 2.0
Not up to scratch at all
On the outside this Selina matches the trendy and impressive vibe of the Selina chain. However the dorm room itself was not up to Selina standards by a long shot. The dorm room was cramped and crammed with as many bunks as was possible to fit, without any consideration of space needed for luggage/ lockers etc. The bunk beds were a rickety, poor quality so you can feel every movement of the person sleeping above or below you. The dorm room was stuffy and has only one tiny (jail cell style) window. There was a gross leak in the ceiling that was dripping onto my luggage. The bathroom was clean but very small with no ventilation. The check in/checkout process was extremely slow and painful. No blanket was provided with the bed, so with the air con on (no option to change the settings) I was cold through the night.
Emma, gbPerjalanan 2 malam

Selina Cartagena

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